FRP Pipe Fittings

frp pipe fittingsFiberglass Tank & Pipe Institute’s site serves the purpose of educating and connecting those involved with the use of fiberglass as an alternative component in a wide range of piping and storage systems. In addition to featuring industry standards, various applications, and white papers of interest, we have a select group of affiliate members. Take a few minutes to see who these distinguished companies are and what they do for the fiberglass RTP industry. If you’re shopping for FRP pipe fittings, you may just find your new supplier for a complete product line of fiberglass.

These qualified manufacturers and distributors specialize in corrosion-resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) pipe fittings: elbows, nipples, clamps, caps, unions, tank bushings, tees, crosses, barbs, crimp brass couplings, valves, ball valves, reducing unions, nipple boxes, and black pipes. They are available in a number of sizes, and can generally be shipped right to the customer job site. Pipes and fittings can be customized, including choice of resin, according to your specifications. Whether you need large or small parts, and high or low quantities, these companies can meet your needs.

The fiberglass industry is continuously prototyping in order to respond to the demands of the many industry sectors and their applications. From the fluid processing industry to the electrical industry, fiberglass most likely has a place in the majority of these types of projects. The manufacturing of these fiberglass systems has created a superior solution that can’t be replaced. Our affiliate companies further this movement by continuously striving toward innovative design and technology and high-quality products and customer service.

It is our hope that you find this site to be a valuable resource, no matter your dealings with the fiberglass RTP industry. Let us help you in finding FRP pipe fittings, but more so, a supplier you come to trust and depend on for all future projects. Check back as often as you like.